Kudosable is a digital marketing agency based in the heart of Manchester. Lead by Google rankings expert Martin Horton Kudosable puts your business on the map and helps you crush your competition.

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Kudosable is an SEO Agency based in Manchester

Digital Marketing Agency

As one of Manchester’s most reputable and competent digital marketing agencies, Kudosable lives and breathes internet marketing; having grown from humble beginnings and gradually developed into a well-established and versatile web marketing agency with cutting edge, targeted solutions and expertise to offer our highly esteemed clients.

Kudosable is a team of cross-trained experts; passionate marketing specialists, designers, and developers; which is just the right mix to deliver targeted marketing campaigns to drive traffic, boost your sales, and significantly increase your ROI.

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Thanks to our team of experienced and dedicated SEO specialists, we work to solve all your digital marketing challenges not only by obtaining positions, but also by focusing on driving the right traffic to your site and increasing your conversion rates.

Kudosable is here to help you achieve impressive success in your online business regardless of your company size and needs as we incorporate competent onsite optimisation techniques, social media tactics, as well as extraordinary offsite SEO.

We do things the right way, through our R&D we have developed systems and techniques to rank websites at will. Heck we even provide SEO services to other Agencies in Manchester (who else can say that)!

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Web Development

Over the years we have developed the best solutions for building websites for our clients, from basic websites to full eCommerce solutions we’ve got you covered. All the websites we create are build using the latest technologies.

Our clients can update their websites easily from layout design to the perfect article. We provide video tutorials on updating and maintaining your website so you don’t need to come back and ask for updates. Your in total control and not tied in with custom solutions most agencies offer! That’s the way we roll here at Kudosable.

Online Courses

We like to be totally transparent here at Kudosable, that’s why we offer a FREE course called WebBuild Step By Step showing exactly how we host, design and maintain our client websites so you can do this yourself.

We also offer our very popular Essential SEO course showing you exactly what we do in regards to best practice for SEO. This course is packed full of juicy tips and tricks you won’t learn anywhere else (we like to call these Kudosable Moments) these really get your website in tip top shape and rocking in Google search!

Then we have our very own Advanced SEO course, this is a ranking powerhouse again packed full of “Kudosable Moments” this is where we show you most of our best kept secrets.

And lastly we have our SEO Mastermind course, this is invite only and only available for selected current clients.

All our courses are step by step look over our shoulder  learning, that’s why there so popular!

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