Web Video, Website Video Production

Why Video Production?

Website Video Production is an incredible way to promote your business and increase your reach in a more engaging and visually entertaining way.

Rather than creating large chunks of texts, you can utilise website video production solutions to create online marketing content, webmercials, promotional videos, social media Optimisation, corporate videos, corporate training, and liver webcasting & streaming.

According to statistics web videos can;

  • Reduce websites bounce rates by up to 100%
  • Attract more than 85% buying or enquiring customers
  • Make your website more search engine-friendly

What We Offer...

At Kudosable, we offer a variety of website video production solutions including;

  • Typography videos which animate words and basic images along to a voice over- it’s a simple yet effective way for delivering the message to your target audience
  • Mobile & Web App Videos which include a virtual tour showing how your website or app works and what it does. It includes basic transitions and movements and allow tour animations to be displayed on a PC, tablet, or mobile device
  • Custom Animation includes a bespoke custom animation explaining what you do and offer
  • Custom Character Animation which allows you to have a unique, customised character drawn, animated, and lip-synced to a voice over

What We Deliver...

Our exclusive animated video packages come inclusive of professionally recorded voiceover, a comprehensive script writing services, custom graphics and animation, backing music, and SFX. We also include any required amendments along the way.

Our videos are short but with a clear message to keep your target audience focused and we deliver our projects 3 weeks from the initial date.