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If you are looking for Search Engine Optimisation in Manchester you are in the right place, we specialise in local website rankings aswell as national. This page is optimised for local search, that’s what brought you here right.

Top SEO company in MCR

Here at Kudosable we like to think we are one of the best SEO agencies at ranking local search terms for your business, we do this using many techniques that we have tried and tested in our R&D testing lab. We then apply what works to our client sites for Kudosable results.

You can see how we rank this page and crush our competition in our popular FREE SEO Essentials Course, you see we like to be transparent on what we do, all our techniques are white hat and provides Google with all the data it needs to serve the best results for your business.

Kind words from my ​awesome clients!

“We have worked with Martin for 13 years through 3 generations of our website and our business has been driven almost entirely through organic ranking – despite all the changes in search engine algorithms over the years. Martin has guided us in SEO tools and techniques throughout and we value his open, honest and pragmatic approach.”

​”Being a new company in a competitive marketplace, SEO support was critical to help focus and prioritise website rankings and traffic. Early on we could see the traction and results for numerous keywords and also a distinct improvement in the number of website contacts that were based within our desired catchment area. Locally, our performance for generic terms has also improved. Overall, the website rankings have contributed to our growing business and helped to cement our business as a leading provider within the area – something we couldn’t have done without Martin’s backing and expertise.”

What search marketing agencies will lead you to believe...

We have worked with many SEO agencies over the years and have found many local ranking techniques they use to rank websites are not sustainable, these techniques are great for short term rankings and these diminish over time. Some agencies will lead you to believe that you need to constantly keep performing link building to hold your positions locking you in to long term monthly contracts, this is not true all you need to do is structure the local SEO properly at the start and maybe a few tweeks to get you to the first page of Google, then from there the organic traffic will increase your rankings over time, traffic is a huge ranking factor so it’s essential your initial setup is correct for maximum effect.

In short if your SEO guru is telling you you need to keep link building to sustain local rankings then somethings not quite right. For more competitive terms yes some link building is needed, however we are finding that links alone just don’t move the needle much anymore, you need to establish your identity too, this is the key to rankings in 2019 and beyond.

"SEO Manchster" is a local term, to rank for a term like this identity is key!

To rank for local search terms like “Manchester SEO services” you need to establish your identity this is key to success in Google search engine rankings, first you need to make sure you have a verified Google My Business (GMB) listing if you don’t have one GET ONE! just go to Google and type “Google My Business listing” and go create a free GMB profile you will need to verify your business address. After this fill your GMB to the max, try to fill the listing with as much detail as you can, create images and add these to your profile, use original images for this and edit the image EXIF data. You can see how we do this in our SEO Essentials Course here. Once you have established your identity then we can add some pretty cool things to your website to make it rock

How to future proof your search engine rankings using Schema.

To sustain and future proof your SEO campaigns we have found we need to establish trust with Google, we do this with the use of Schema, Google’s quest to provide a good experience for their end user (the searcher) has become quite a task, and Artificial Intellenence (AI) is now playing a huge role helping google with it’s results, Google now looks how to verify data on the web, Google bought out companies like FreeBase and to help organise entities and relationships of things, this provides more quality and verification of information, Schema is a way to tell Google what pages are about using these trusted and verified entities.

This method gains trust with Google and this method alone ranks websites really well.

Delivering SEO results to Manchester and beyond.

SEO can be a long, tedious part of your online business. At Kudosable, we perfectly understand your challenges and worries. Let us make things easier for you. With our highly trained internet marketing specialists and state-of-the-art technology, we can show you real results on a monthly basis or as per your wishes.

We strive to not only deliver the best results in your SEO campaigns, but to also make you shine amongst your competitors and the industry as a whole. With more than 10 years experience and extensive knowledge of SEO, we can help you succeed in your online business.

During our SEO campaigns, we carry out a full-scale analysis of your SEO landscape to ensure that your site informs top search engines of the keywords which it should be ranking for. Subsequently, our team of specialists uses a range of on-site optimisation techniques and tactics to source and obtain only relevant quality backlinks every month on an ongoing basis. This strategy is meant to give you the most gains in your SEO campaigns.

We understand how important SEO ranking for your site is important in driving traffic and generating more sales, which is why we offer our clients services that are professionally executed by experts in the field of Search Engine Optimisation, thus leaving you with extra time to concentrate more on your business.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we have the know-how of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to delivering the best results for our clients and our ability to work within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, deliver success, and a strong ROI.