Google Penalty Removal

Have You Faced a Penalisation by Google?

It’s possible that you’ve been hit by either Panda or Penguin penalties if you received a warning regarding unnatural linking, Google notified you regarding a manual penalty, your website disappeared from Google’s search results, or there is a sudden, steep drop in traffic on a certain date.

We can help restore your site quality for higher ranking post a Panda penalty or restore its ranking post-Penguin penalty.

We Are Here to Help...

In the past few years, Google has been giving harsh penalties to site owners violating their Webmaster Guidelines, especially those utilising manipulative SEO approaches via their Panda and Penguin algorithms as well as through their manual penalties.

If you’ve recently broken any of these rules, the chances are that your site’s ranking and traffic have been greatly affected or are at stake. It could be you uploaded duplicate content on your site, bought links or hired SEO services for higher rankings.

At Kudosable, we have what it takes to get your penalty lifted and restore your site’s rankings and traffic.

We are here to help you recover by thoroughly analysing and auditing your site for factors that may be conflicting with Google’s most notable algorithms and manual penalties, and follow it up with detailed recommendations on removing the penalty. You can trust us with our 100% success rate at Google penalty removal.

What We Will Do...

As the tradition, we begin every Google penalty removal process by thoroughly analysing and auditing your website with advanced tools to ensure that everything conflicting with Google’s algorithms is uncovered. Upon identifying any problems, we put together effective solutions for resolving the issues. The strategies and techniques we use in Google penalty removal differ depending on the exact cause of the issues as well as the severity, although in general, we carry out a manual link removal to site owners whose websites have unnatural links directing to yours, as well as submission of a disavow file.

Regarding manual penalty, we will submit a reconsideration request to Google, expounding on the entire process which has been taken to confirm that the issue has been rectified.

Give us a call today on 0161 850 8856 or fill in your details here for a free, no obligation discussion on removing Google penalty from your site.

The price range for our Google Penalty Removal service is 500+ vat although it may differ depending on the severity of the penalty. Expect a more exact diagnosis and accurate quotation once you engage in our FREE no-obligation discussion.