Social Media Management & Marketing

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing, SMM, is a type of internet marketing that involves the optimising and marketing your business through social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and others via both paid and organic advertising.

Potential growth of business through social media marketing as a part of digital marketing strategy is vast, especially considering that over half of the UK population actively uses social media.

What We Offer...

At Kudosable, our 12 years experience in search engine marketing enables us to deliver unmatched and exceptional social media marketing results to our clients. Basically, we are the masters in the field of Social Media Optimisation. Unlike many of our competitors who spend time on social media doing posts and chatting, we instead spend our clients’ money on meaningful social media marketing to deliver unmatched results.

Adapted from our SEO repertoire is a range of Social Media Optimisation techniques. These techniques include;

  • Inbound link building which involves utilising various social media directory sites and properly placed blogs to link to social media sites, thus transferring a site’s online reputation as well as valuable traffic.
  • Outbound Link-Building which involves linking your site to SEO-friendly sites- these can include product pages, category pages, and blog posts sourced from social media messages carefully crafted with SEO considerations in mind.
  • Content Integration which involves integrating a client’s content marketing strategy with their social media marketing and management. In other words, this technique involves creating and curating content, whether written, audio, or visual- content that is socially relevant, topical, and impactful.
  • Contacts where we build upon our clients’ existing base of contacts and import relevant data from pre-established mailing lists to various social media platforms, instantly increasing the number of relevant connections in their businesses. In addition, we also aim to build solid relationships with all influential individuals in our client’s specific industry and local area. As a result, the aspect of integrity and credibility is transferred over to your online business.
  • Statistical Analysis- To bring out the best out of your internet marketing strategy, we dutifully conduct a diagnosis-based statistical analysis on your business by use of a variety of innovative tools to gather relevant data from our clients’ ongoing campaign, analyse it, and eventually offer the most effective solutions. By doing this, strong ROI is significantly achieved while reducing wastefulness of our campaign.

Because digital marketing campaigns are solely focused on boosting a client’s search engine rankings for relevant and valuable words and phrases, social media Optimisation can as a result greatly improve a site’s rankings. We therefore aim to continually find new innovative ways to utilise all levels of technology at our disposal to boost and significantly improve the amount of traffic your site receives through Google searches, mostly because Google accounts for 80% of the average websites traffic.

Which Sites Do We Use?

Facebook is currently the world’s most popular website, according to browsing behavior analyst, Alexa. With over 1 billion active monthly users across the globe, Facebook has ultimately evolved from being just a student social tool to an incredibly powerful business platform.

From just a text message platform to a microblogging social platform, Twitter consistently ranks in the top 10 most influential sites in the world and has ultimately become a platform for news updates delivery across the world.

Although it’s currently less popular compared to Facebook and Twitter, Google + is also an incredible tool for integrating social media marketing with SEO. Currenlty, there are notable strong correlations between Google + activity and search engine results- and this makes the social media platform an excellent digital marketing tool.

Reputed for being one of the fastest growing websites in history, Pinterest has gradually evolved to be the world’s catalog of ideas and is predicted to have more pages than any other website on the internet in five years.

Besides these four main social media platform, Kudosable also works hand in hand with LinkedIn to provide our clients with business-to-business marketing services as well as Instagram for visual social marketing. To supplement our 12 years experience in internet marketing, we are constantly upgrading, learning new skills, experimenting, and evaluating various inventive ways to manipulate and utilise new niche platforms as they arise.